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Non-Haiku » Life


Stick of life

Am I a stick that lies on the ground
the expanse of the universe above me,

am I a footprint in the sand
waiting for the waves to overwhelm me

or am I a cloud blown through the blue
whose tears bring life
whose shape and color bring interest and delight
whose uniqueness remains unnoticed, irrelevant.

What ever I am, I am.

my life, my movie

our lives are a story we make up as we go
our world is a place we colour and draw
we suit ourselves our dreams and our fears
our fiction is our world.

fragile framework of illusion and trust
reliant on those whom we love and lust
our lives, a movie screened on others faces
the background drawn from romantic places

Don't lie, don't cheat and dont't tell the truth
Alow me to reside, to hide in my made up life
challenge me not to create another ruse
I am not sure I can again, I like this life

moving out

you say you want to stay
you say you want to play
but your movin out.

when you don't say something you should
when you should say something you don't
your movin out

when you fly to another room
when you sleep in another place
your moving out

fearsome water?

A tear drop has the power to destroy an army
A strumming drumming drop will tear a hole in a stone
A Tsunami roars like a thousand lions as it swallows a city

Is water so different to an anvil or a sword?
Why are we so calm by the waters edge?

Be like the water, be like the limpid pool
a multitude of drips and drops in perfect harmony

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